The leap of faith, love, and adventure we took became Yoga Roots in August 2014.  Our studio is located in the heart of Manzanita on the 2nd floor of Howells Plaza.  Come practice your yoga in this warm and comfortable space with the support of our teachers and fellow yogis.


Co-owner Charlene Gernert is a 200 hour RYT and has been a yoga practitioner since 1999 and an active yoga instructor since 2005. Charlene has a solid base rooted in the breath and the alignment of the asanas that she has gained with years of practice in the Hatha Tradition with Lorraine Ortiz.  Certified in Power Vinyasa, with Tiffany Cruickshank and Dena Zimbel she also holds a strong connection within the Ashtanga Tradition and Vinyasa Flow.  Charlene’s classes are a unique mix of Hatha and Ashtanga Flow with a bit of lighthearted simplicity.  

“When we are able to align our breath and our movement together within the yoga practice, we begin to find a sense of grace and focus that allows for strength and healing on so many levels.”


Photo credit: Justin Bailie

Co-owner Subhadra (Katie) is a 500 hour RYT. She studied under her beloved guru Yogrishi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, India and was trained in the Akhanda (holistic) lineage. Each class is inspired by the many facets of yogic wisdom tradition; asana, pranayama, chanting, visualization and meditation and incorporates an undertone of playfulness and fun.   Through a deep love of yogic philosophy and history she truly believes that everything we experience on the mat is a metaphor and a practice for how we can better live off our mat.

“The beauty of yoga is that each time we step into it’s essence we are presented with a moment of truth and honesty. Staying within that truth and honesty, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable, allows us the opportunity to learn, grow and ultimately know our true selves. And as my guru always says our true nature is fearless, playful, blissful and expansive.”


Photo credit: katyanova.com & brokenbanjo.net

Teacher Meryl Henrie was a dancer and competitive gymnast throughout her teenage years and during college she coached team gymnastics.  After college she worked as a Registered Nurse while training for and competing in triathlons and local running events.  This background gave her a great passion for understanding body mechanics and muscle groups and how to work them to create an optimal combination of strength and flexibility. 

While working in the healthcare field, she saw a greater need for preventative medicine through healthy eating, active lifestyle, and peace of mind.  While living on Maui she found Wisdom Flow Yoga and the perfect way to maintain a healthful, happy life through the flow and philosophy.  This inspired Meryl to become a certified yoga instructor and allowed her to share her passion for health and wellness for mind, body, and spirit through the practice of yin and vinyasa flow.


Teacher Abby Spotskey is a 200 hour RYT and is almost done with a 300 hour advanced teacher training with Sianna Sherman. She began practicing yoga asana when a back crisis delivered her to a yoga mat in 1997. Since then the other limbs of yoga have infused her experiences on and off the mat. As a teacher of alignment based asana (poses), she weaves myth, mudra, pranayama, mantra and street language into the profound teachings ofyogic philosophy.




"Be congruent. Be authentic. Be your true self."  
Mahatma Gandhi


"Your body is precious It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Buddha


"Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are." Jason Candrell


"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured."
BKS Iyengar