Yoga Roots Studio Etiquette

Yoga Roots Studio was built on the idea that we are a shared community of yoginis.  This means that we share a safe, comfortable, and high vibration space with positive intention.

Our studio is physically small, and therefore individual distraction from our studios intent to share space does not belong within our community.

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution in making our studio space comfortable for everyone in our yoga community.

 1.    Arrive at least 5 – 10 minutes early to class start time to set up and prepare.

2.    Class starts on the hour and if you arrive late and the door is locked, do NOT knock on the door.  We ask that you please come back to another class.

3.    Shoes remain outside upon entering and exiting the studio.

4.    Cell phones are to be turned off or set to silent.

5.    Do not wear strong perfumes or oils to class.

6.    Be mindful of the jewelry or watch you wear.  Please do not wear jewelry that jingles or makes noise throughout class and silent any alarms on your watch that might go off during class.

7.    Enter and exit the studio quietly,.

8.   We want high vibration conversation.  Swearing, complaining, confrontational dialoque, interruptions, disparaging and rude dialogue do not belong in our studio. Refrain from these types of communication. Instead listen, be thoughtful, be careful, be gentle and be kind with your words and actions.

9.    Follow the instruction of the teacher to the best of your ability.  We understand modifications at one time or another are necessary, but refrain from “doing your own thing” as it becomes a distraction for others around you. If you have an alignment question during a pose please ask respectfully for a physical cue and move on so that the flow of the class can continue for everyone.

10. Do not assist with physical or verbal cues with other students.

11. Group classes are limited to adults and children 14 years and older accompanied with an adult.

12. If you borrowed studio mats and props for class, properly clean and put them away when you are done.